5 Tips On How To Find Cheap Accommodation

Costs can pile up while traveling. Accommodation is among the things that can add up to your costs quickly. Finding cheap accommodation can be the solution to reducing costs while you are traveling. If you ask most backpackers, they will tell you that they would prefer to sleep in barns in they had the option. But since that is not the case, I have a solution for you. Here is how to find cheap accommodation while on your trip.

Use comparison sites

There are several websites that you can use to find affordable accommodation. Hotel comparison websites work like magic. Check the sites regularly to see if the prices have dropped. The sites offer a wide range of options. The sites offer you a chance to subscribe to deal and price alerts. This allows you to get notifications whenever there are new deals or prices according to your preference.

Get accommodation offline

While the internet as made it easy to find everything you need, there are things you can find offline. Not everyone is using the internet. Some businesses are still offline and they might be having cheap accommodation. If you have a friend in the location you are traveling to, consider asking her if there is cheap accommodation near that place. 

Once you arrive at that place, ask around about the prices. It will help find affordable accommodation. Getting accommodation offline is even better since you get a chance to negotiate the prices. 

Stay in a hostel

If you are traveling on a budget, staying in a hostel can help you to cut down the costs. Hostels have dormitory-style rooms since you share all the facilities. Some people think that hostels are for young people. But they are wrong. Sleeping in a dormitory is for everyone and can save you a lot of money. There is a myth that hostels are gross and dirty areas and this has made most people to avoid hostels.

Hostels are the same as other places that you can stay while away. There is Wi-Fi, lockers, curtains, huge bathrooms, bars, and tour desks. You will be amazed at how much you will save by staying in a hostel.


This is another affordable option. Airbnb allows you to live in furnished buildings as you travel. The apartments are usually cheap compared to hotels. They also offer additional amenities. In case you wish to spend over a week at a single place, Airbnb is your number one choice. 

Choose a farm

If you are on a budget, another cheap accommodation is staying on a farm. This means you will stay on working farms and learn the way it works. It also means you will get involved in some farm activities. However, prices are not the same. 


Enjoy your trips every time you are away from home by spending less. The accommodations we shared above all have the facilities that you need to have a comfortable stay. Ensure to check if the place is secure.